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Friday, April 27, 2018

Binh House

  As having some minor changes in function requirement and project schedule, at this time,  I am going to propose a new option for Binh's House. And i hope it might be a nice and interesting option. You could see this change reflected in liberal lines of sketch, flexible interior layout and the shape of furniture also being not standardisation.

[GF _ Ground Floor Plan]  _ Ground floor plan of house

  To make this idea come into reality, I would have a lot of work ahead, such as draw it on computer with CAD programme, make many detail drawings with some technical issues as well as choose appropriate construction method. 

[ Perspective ] Exterior facade is also a modern style. I have put some curved lines in main elevation to make it look elegantly. Beside of that, an light lourve_screen is also being added to outside of bathroom window. This will help the user feel comfortable when using restroom with some personal activities.

[GF _ Ground Floor Plan] Staircase is re_located in the end of the house, so that it can make the space look more open. I do not use solid wall to divide interior space but using light partition, and this system can be used as an decorative element for interior of house..
[F1 _ First Floor Plan] First floor is being re_designed to meet new requirement. They will have baby in a near future, so i have created a kid_room with curved wall surrounding. Interior doors are not used in this level to make space feel fluently. It will also help the parent keep an eye on their child.
[RP_Roof Floor Plan] It have not much change at this level. We have laundy room in back, while inside space will be a family room and a small working room. A green roof will be consider by owner with a small decorative garden or planing vegetation for food or covering a grass layer on  the roof surface to reduce hot temperature from tropical sun light.
longitudinal section_ binh house
[ Section ] Longitudinal section showing some main functions of the house.

 About interior finishing, i will suggest some solutions and materials such as : sofit_concrete with Japanese style,homogenous tile with dimension 400x400mm for public space in ground floor, timber floor for bedroom and private space helping create a warming atmosphere.

If you were been interesting about this project, please do not hesitate to contact as below for more infomation.

Tel: ( +84 ) 931 - 33 42 33 / (+84) 903 714 772
Email: /

Address: 41/18 Nguyen Oanh, Ward10, Go Vap District, HCMc

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