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Our design progress is normally been followed a strategy step by step. With A full architectural design consultancy services, we will divide through the implementation of seven numbers. of main phases, these phases are:
From Initial Idea sketching

Phase I      –    Inception / Brief Finalization
Phase II     –    Concept Design
Phase III    –    Schematic Design
Phase IV    –   Detail Design
Phase V     –   Tender Documentation and Tendering
Phase VI    –   Construction Stage services
Phase VII   –  Completion & As-built Drawings

Detail scope of works and services of each project phase is depicted below:

Phase I – Inception/ Brief Finalization
§  Participate in project kick-off meeting.
§  Site Analysis.
§  Finalize development brief with the Client.
§  Establish brief of requirements and objectives.
§  Confirmation of scope of works & project program.
§  Work with Client to establish a design schedule
§  Visit the project site to understand the existing site conditions
§  Coordinate with Client to finalize design parameters

Idea design

Phase II – Concept Design
§ Propose master plan at scale 1:500, or appropriate scale, showing apartment, commercial and all facilities of project.
§  Produce basic concept design drawings for individual Building, including
-     Necessary plans, elevations, and sections
-     Necessary perspectives of the whole site & individual building including key landscape inside each building land lots
-     Basic interior drawings for key facilities of building as lobby, public area and so forth
-     Other drawings, architect thinks necessary to convey his design intent
§  Produce a summary of area schedule, showing GFA, NFA, site coverage ratio etc
§ Present concept design to Client’s management board in Vietnam or Vietnam Authority (if required)
Phase II – Schematic Design
§  Use the approved concept design to proceed with the schematic design but Architect may be required to review the floor plan, unit layouts and other sections and elevation drawings.  Recommend alternatives as necessary.
§  Develop the schematic design in consideration of the current concept design, the Client’s requirements, Local Authorities’ design and planning parameters and other necessary consultants’ designs (e.g. C&S, M&E, ID consultants).
§  Present the schematic design to Client and Local Authority (if required) for approval before proceeding further steps.
§  The schematic design architectural drawings shall include but not limit:
-     Typical Overall Floor Plans
-     Typical Floor Plans
-     Rendered Site Plan showing indicative landscape schematic concepts in 1:500 or suitable scale.
-     Elevations in 1:200 or 1:250 scale (including proposing building façade)
-     Sections in 1:200 or 1:250 scale
-     Schematic Architectural Details showing design intent
-     Rendered Architectural Perspectives showing design intent
-     Design data calculations
-     Material boards proposed for exterior finishes
-     Outline architectural specifications
-     Outline finish schedules for both exterior and interior
-     Design Brief
§  Attend and coordinate with Client and/or Consultant Team meetings, as requested.
§ Coordinate with authority approval consultant to prepare and provide necessary drawings for authority submissions. Amend the drawing if required by the Government.
§  Coordinate with Quantity Surveyor for Cost plan
§  Provide schematic drawings for use by other consultants.
Phase III – Detail Design
§  Coordinate with other consultant (e.g. C&S, M&E, ID and other specialist consultants) in order to incorporate their design into the architectural design. Attend and coordinate with Client and/or Consultant Team meetings, as requested.
§  Further develop scheme design drawings up to level of detailed design which includes typical details of all façade and public areas, including selections of materials, fittings, facade treatments, color schemes, signage, detailed area schedule, etc to Client for review and approval.
§  Prepare full set of drawings, schedules and specifications in English and Vietnamese
§  Review and reply queries regarding architecture design issues.

A render at this phase, that is showed almost detail of finishing building

Phase IV  – Tender Documentation and Tendering
§  Further develop the Detail Design Drawings to prepare full details of all areas including non-public areas. Prepare all drawings, schedule and specifications in a format as required for tender as requested by Project Manager
§  Assist the Client to reply to technical queries from Tenderers’ Questions and Information during tendering
§  Assist the Client to evaluate the design aspect of alternatives that might be proposed by Tenderers
§  Analyze technical submissions of Tenderers and give comments to the Client for his consideration in deciding the Tender award
§  Prepare pre-qualification documents; attend interviews and shortlist suitable tenders, if so requested
§  Assist the Client to review tender submissions, attend interviews, recommend award of tender.
Phase V  – Construction Administration
§  To support the Client’s Project Manager regarding design. Tasks include:
-   Clarify queries regarding drawing details and issue additional drawings or details where necessary to explain the design
-    Evaluate and approve material substitutions
-    Visit site periodic
-    Prepare minor amendment to detailed drawings to suit site condition
§  Clarify original design intention
§  Attend technical meeting at site and clarify queries raised by site staff and contractors
§  Assist in evaluation and approving method statement of works
§ Appoint a qualified architect to supervise the site periodically / based on actual requirements from Project Manager during the construction period
§  Conduct periodically Authorship Inspection as required by Vietnamese Law.
§ Coordinate with Consultant Team regarding design documents, and if necessary, explain design documents to contractors.
Phase VI  –  Completion & As-built Drawings
§ Submit all the necessary Certifications as Local Consultant to Authority for commencement/completion of the project.
§   Review as-built drawings submitted by Contractors
§   Conduct final inspection upon project completion
§ Defects Liability Period administration, which shall be confined to design related issues, and exclude customers’ complains etc. (attendance if required will be on time charge basis)

Construction is finished follow the detail design

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