Re-design house in Norway

It is our simple task is architectual sketches ideas for changing an existing project 

As Client wants to change an already existing drawing of a mountain house to a smaller and more compact 

(Except ground floor is already under building - so they don't want to changes there).

- Need sketches/quick drawings in 3D based on my own drawings and terrain
- Change look to modern moutain look (see examples attached in pdf)
- Take into care the fact that sunset is in west, and would like the patio to face that way. - Big windows to east
- Reduce the the areal on 1. and 2. floor from 160m2 to aprox 80-90m2 in total 
- Take into consideration the hole for stairs from ground floor. Would like creative, nice and cost effective solutions.

Our proposal option is meet their requirement

Below is full package of current design for their mountain house

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